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WHAT makes Indian girls so attractive?

An Indian woman is best depicted wearing flowers on her hair, with colorful bangles on her wrists and sporting a lengthy sari neatly tucked in.

Indian woman are noted for their pious nature and their exotic looks.

Indian girls are smart, kind, cute, humorous, generous, and forgiving, and do not allude to any physical attributes.

Indian girls have a “Western” facial appearance but the allure of darker skin coupled with nice big eyes, long black hair and a wide grin serves to speed up the heartbeat.

That is the reason why western men become attracted to Indian girls as they tend to have an innocent and sweet playful approach to conversation.

Especially Indian girls living in big metropolis like Mumbai or Dehli are very open minded, independent and want to bring more exitment into their lifes.

They find western men very attractive.

Their idea of a western man is a professional with a decent and steady job, preferably with a flat if he lives in a big city. These sound like realistic requirements, wouldn’t you say?

In India, arranged marriages are an accepted norm and love marriages are a rarity.

But now love marriages are becoming common due to westernization and modern education wherein the men and women mingle freely without any inhibitions.

However, India, like some other conservative countries, has somehow managed to remain mired in the agrarian age.

In its strictly male-oriented milieu, to this day, Indian men are adored even when they are less than perfect—bad teeth, no hair, no education, no personality, and no money can be easily overlooked.

In fact, such men are allowed the privilege of acquiring the perfect woman by any means they deem fair and honorable—by the way, fair and honorable can include demanding dowry, gifts and life-long servitude.

When an Indian woman looks for one or two redeeming qualities in a future mate she is labeled fussy and irrational. When a male, the king of his castle, insists on a woman of the caliber of a Rambha or an Urvashi, he is well within the parameters of what is considered logical and reasonable.

All this has changed a lot. Indian girls are much more confident nowadays. Surveys also showed that interracial marriages between Indian women and western men have increased dramatically over the past 6 years.

The influence of the widely available internet in India is one of the reasons.


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